High Conflict Central Services

High Conflict Central offers coaching services to individuals, couples and families.  Our coaches have many years of experience in the areas of:

  • High Conflict Families

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunction

  • Childhood Trauma

Coaching will help you with:

  • relationships

  • parenting

  • ​communication

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • resolving or managing conflict 

  • stress and anger management

  • child behavior issues

  • understanding family dynamics

  • understanding how gender affects:

    • communication 

    • coping with stress 

    • parenting 

    • managing conflict

Coaching services are not legal services or therapy and are not covered by insurance.  Please read our legal disclaimer here.

Classes and Programs

High Conflict Central offers classes.  You can participate in self directed online learning or take a live class either in-person or via webinar.  We offer a variety of classes and programs on a variety of topics, including:

High Conflict Divorce

Victim in the System

Discover Your Piece 

Emotional Intelligence

Assertiveness Training

Communication skills

Conflict Resolution

Powerful Parenting

Stress and Anger Management

We also offer a variety of programs, such as:


Victim in the system designed to help Victims of Domestic Violence who have to co-parent with an abuser or those who are trying to leave an abusive relationship.  This program helps victims support their children as they work through the different systems and professionals they encounter.

Discover Your Piece designed to improve relationships through personal enrichment and empowerment.  Learn important relationships skills and break bad habits that keep you from having the deep meaningful relationships you desire.  This 12 week program is offered as an individual track or as a couples track.  We also offer a faith based track for those who are open to how faith plays a role in our need to connect with others.

DYP for U offers 4 week add on classes for your specific issues. These programs that build on the skills you learned in Discover Your Piece. Go more in depth on different areas of learning or take a training that is specific to your personal struggle, such as, Adult Child of an Alcoholic, High Conflict Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Stress and Anger, Parenting and more.  Some offer different tracks as individuals, couples or faith based.  You choose your path. 


Father's Falsely Accused designed to support father's who have a co-parent that is trying to cut them out of a child's life through alienation and false accusations.  This programs help father be confident with their parenting skills and working with legal systems and deal with the anger that comes when false accusations are made.


Powerful Parenting is a program to help you improve your parenting skills or overcome the parent role models you grew up with that did not provide a good foundation for your parenting.  It offers help to parents who experience child behavior issues and also has a special track for divorced or never parried parents to understand co-parenting concepts

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